Slimming world nachos recipe


Weight Watchers wrap
Handful of fresh parsley
1 large Tomato
1 Onion
Fresh chilli (optional)
30g light cheddar cheese
2 tbsp 0% fat free Greek yogurt

PREP TIME: 7 min, COOKING TIME: 2 min, SERVINGS: 1 – 2

-Finely chop a tomato, onion, parsley and chilli (optional) to create a salsa. Make sure you cut it into small chunks and mix it all together in a bowl

-Then lay flat a wrap and cut it like you would a pizza, in half, then quarters, and then again, it should make around 8 segments. If you want to make more then cut another wrap

-lay flat on an oven tray and place under the grill and watch until they slightly puff up and crisp around the edges (around 30 sec to 1 minute) then turn over and repeat. then take them out of the oven and place on a plate

TIP: watch them to make sure they do not burn because they do not take long

-Pour the salsa mix over the top of the nachos and sprinkle a handful of grated cheese on top. Place back under the grill until the cheese has melted

-Take out and serve with a dollop of greek yogurt and some jalapenos for heat

Slimming world nachos recipe

healthy nachos recipe



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