Fage 0% fat-free yoghurt
Mint (dried not fresh)


-Grate half of your cucumber into a bowl using a grater

TIP: Don’t just add the grated cucumber to your yoghurt. Cucumber contains a lot of water and by doing this you will make your dip watery. I put my grated cucumber into a sieve and with the back of a spoon press down on the cucumber and squeeze the juices out. Alternatively, you can put the cucumber into a clean tea towel and squeeze out the juice (just make sure you do it over the sink)

-Add the cucumber to the yoghurt and stir in to make sure you like the consistency. If you like it thick then add more cucumber

-Next, using a garlic crusher, crush one clove to the mix

-Sprinkle a healthy amount of dry mint (dry works much better than fresh mint) add more if you like your dip minty – and mix all together

-Squeeze half a lemon for added zest and mix together using a spoon

QUANTITY: I like to buy a 500g of fage Greek yogurt, I make my dip using approx half the pot, and  a half to 3/4 of cucumber. Once I have made it I will keep it in a concealed lunchbox and stored in the fridge, it will last for days and really goes a long way. It goes really nicely with my FETA AND MINT COUS COUS WITH ROASTED VEG or have as a snack with some carrot sticks.

tzatziki dip

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